Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Uncle Sam says "No Monopolies"

How about the arrogance of the Bush Administration today. Whilst the US uses it's power as the world's largest economy to muscle in on more vulnerable countries, it's also hoping that it's love affair with the Howard Government will procure a sympathetic ear on the issue of the AWB single desk.

US Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns declared that there must be an end to export monopolies if there is to be a World Trade Agreement in the near future. This is yet another example of the hypocrisy of the US government who without doubt are hoping to open up markets for the benefit of their big business buddies. The Bush Administration would like nothing more than to take a complete stranglehold on all types of trade. Marx spoke of such attempts already taking place back in 1848! It seems old habits die hard for the greedy capitalist.

One thing is for sure, the Howard government cannot be relied upon to act in the interests of Australian wheat producers, the smaller of which are bound to end up in the dole queue if the wheat market is completely deregulated. Howard's agriculture minister Mike McGauran has already taken steps to end the single desk system by granting wheat export licences to two other companies in December last year. Surely it won't take much egging on from Bush's trade hounds to bust the whole thing wide open.


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