Friday, February 29, 2008

Don't Rann-Sack WorkCover

The State Labor Government has introduced legislation to cut the WorkCover entitlements of South Australian workers. The proposed cuts will increase the burden on families who are already struggling due to low wages and the high costs of housing and essential services.

CFMEU Secretary Martin O'Malley speaking to the ABC:

"It's hard enough today struggling with the sort of income they get and then to then be told they're going to be punished so the profits of the employers can go up," he said.

"What sort of bloody system are we running, what sort of person is Mike Rann to allow that to happen?"

Much has been made of WorkCover's 'unfunded liability' which is said to be close to $1 billion. However, this is not an amount that needs to be paid out at any particular point in time as it is only an estimate of the ongoing costs into the future. As it stands at the moment WorkCover is more than able to cover it's current costs. There has been little mention of the fact that WorkCover's assets are nearly double that of the so-called 'unfunded liability'.

Rather than acting to preserve the rights of working people, which is supposedly a core value of the ALP, Mike Rann and his cronies would prefer to cut entitlements to workers in order to appease their bean counters and the business community.

This position of the State Government will no doubt force workers to return to work before making a full recovery or force them to return to workplaces where conditions are unsafe. Clearly this is not desirable for the worker, the employer or the long-term performance of the WorkCover scheme.

The CPA condemns this attack on working people and invites you to sign our petition in defence of the rights of injured workers.

Click here to sign the petition

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