Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CPA SA State Conference

The Communist Party's 22nd SA State Conference was held last Saturday and concluded with a public event attended by representatives of trade unions, political parties, solidarity groups and members of the community.

Party President Vinnie Molina spoke on developments in Latin America and guests heard a recorded message from a political prisoner in Colombia wishing the Conference success. At its conclusion, Port Adelaide Branch member Rex Munn led the gathering in a memorably rousing rendition of the Internationale.

The Conference heard reports and considered a document to be finalised at the Party's Congress in Sydney in October. The following motions were passed by the Conference:

The SA State Conference of the CPA condemns the recent decision by Fair Pay Australia to effectively cut the wages of Australia’s lowest paid workers. The Federal Government’s statements that it would have preferred a modest increase are not convincing. The decision should be overturned and relief given to these workers and their families struggling with rising utility, petrol and food prices and spiralling rents. Reducing these workers’ purchasing power will not help the current economic crisis; it will be worsened.

The SA State Conference of the CPA adds its voice to the growing international chorus of condemnation of the recent coup in Honduras. The US government’s response is weak and must be made proportionate to the massive violation of the rights of the Honduran people. The Australian government must use its influence on its US counterpart and join efforts to ensure the restoration of the legitimate government of President Manuel Zelaya.

This South Australian State Conference of the Communist Party of Australia sends greetings to the Cuban Five and a message of solidarity. This Conference rejects the recent decision of the US Supreme Court on June 15 not to review the cases of the five Cuban anti-terrorists. It calls on US President Obama to pardon them and send them home. The Conference also rejects moves in the US legal system to split the case of the Five by resentencing three of them while upholding the sentences handed down to Gerardo and René. We pledge our commitment to campaigning for their freedom.


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