Monday, July 18, 2011

ADF hits Sydney's streets to prepare for attacks

As if it's not bad enough that our Defence personnel are being used as cannon fodder in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are now taking to the streets of Sydney "to provide assistance to the people of Australia in times of civil emergency, including in response to terrorist incidents."

In a press release today, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) says that "NSW Police and Sydney-based Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will conduct mission rehearsal activities in Sydney during the night of 19 July 2011 into the early morning of 20 July 2011. "

The Communist Party of Australia (SA) didn't realise that the streets of Sydney were a potential war zone? And the timing of this release, just 24 hours before the "war games" are to commence gives us little time to warn our Sydney-based friends and family of the impending carnage. If this is a rehearsal we can only assume that the main event isn't far away.

The CPA (SA) calls on the ADF to reveal the nature of the terrorist threats to our nation's biggest city; the public must be made aware of the risks to their safety so they can look for alternative shelter in Australia's new Malaysian refugee camps.

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