Friday, June 30, 2006

Adelaide Protests Target 'Task Force'...

A large and diverse crowd of around 5000 protested against the Howard Government's new 'Work Choices' legislation in Adelaide’s City Centre on Wednesday. Starting at Victoria Square the rally was kicked off with some fine anti-Howard songs before various speakers took the stage.

AMWU secretary John Camillo gave a brief overview of the current situation, pointing to the fact that many were already suffering under the Federal Government’s anti-worker legislation. Mr Camillo gave one example of a BP petrol station worker who, having seven years of dedicated service under his belt, was recently told that in order to keep his job he would have to sign an AWA and accept $6 per hour less than his previous wage.

Karen Grogan from the South Australian Council of Social Services (SACOSS) reminded the crowd that it is not only workers and unions that will be disadvantaged by these reforms. She stated that this was yet another attack on the disadvantaged, referring to the fact that around one quarter of South Australians are economically marginalised or living in poverty. Howard’s Work Choices legislation is certainly going to make matters worse.

The noise level rose as the rally moved through the city and stopped outside the offices housing the infamous Building Industry ‘Task Force’, a group set up to inform on workers conducting union business on and off the job. The crowd got particularly vocal during some passionate words from CFMEU secretary Martin O’Malley who revved things up by attacking the ‘Task Force’ snitches for what they are; cowardly, dirty, rats! Janet Giles from SA Unions ended proceedings by asking the crowd to recite a pledge to fight against the unfair Work Choices legislation. Click here to listen.


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