Friday, February 02, 2007

Scoop: Chávez Pays Unexpected Visit to Adelaide Communists

The democratically elected leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez Frías has paid an unexpected visit to Australia only days after a bill which will enable him to rule by decree was passed in the Venezuelan National Assembly. Mr Chavez arrived in Adelaide early yesterday afternoon where he was quickly whisked away to meet with members of the West Adelaide Branch of the Communist Party of Australia.

Sporting his preferred military fatigues, Mr Chavez drank some of Adelaide's famous 'Bolivarian Red' (pictured below), and shared Cuban cigars with the excited comrades. The cigars were a gift from Cuban President Fidel Castro who also sent his best wishes to the newly formed branch of the CPA.

After speaking to the West Adelaide branch members about the progress of the revolution in Venezuela, President Chavez spoke on Australia's new industrial relations regime, which he referred to as 'deshonra de mierda', which roughly translated to English means 'a f@%&ng disgrace'. He also referred to Australian Prime minister as 'Brother Danger', obviously a reference to John Howard's close relationship with President Bush who is often referred to by Chavez as 'Mr Danger' (for obvious reasons).

President Chavez boarded his plane back to Caracas first thing this morning, congratulating the Australian left for their 'iron-clad resistance to the so-called 'Work Choices' legislation and it's continued work in the area of solidarity with the people of Venezuela. More press photos to be added asap.


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