Sunday, May 27, 2007

Aunty V's Land

The death of an Aboriginal Australian is more often than not premature when it is compared to the life expectancy of non-aboriginals in this country. The passing of Lartelare descendant Auntie Veronica Brodie is no exception, it was met with great sadness by the many people who knew her and has robbed her of the chance to see a result in her fight for land rights in Port Adelaide. Aunty Veronica, with support from local activists had been negotiating with the State Government's Land Management Council to have a cultural Centre established in the area in lieu of the rightful return of her great-grandmother's land , now the site of 'Newport Quays', a new residential development for the wealthy. While the likely establishment of a Cultural Centre or similar facility is still somewhat up in the air, Aunty Veronica and her comrades should to be recognised for the fantastic effort they have shown in this struggle so far. The West Adelaide Branch of the CPA would like to thank them for their hard work and wishes them the best of luck in achieving a positive outcome.



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