Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Shameful Truth about Work Choices.

Six or seven months back I was employed by a local arts organisation to do some set-up/pack down work after performances. Whilst signing the paperwork at the reception area of the studio I was lucky enough to hear one of the management rave on about all the wonderful benefits of Work Choices. This gave me the distinct impression that even though I wasn't signing an AWA, somewhere in the not-too-distant future I would be. The contract I signed was certainly no EBA and in fact I've had a grand total of six hours work with this unscrupulous mob since that day about seven months ago (and they still owe me one hours pay!). If this can happen in an Arts organisation with strong union representation what must it be like for workers at Bi-Lo or KFC?

Walking past a local MP's office a few weeks back I noticed some very slick advertising signs in the window, these caught my eye only after I'd been visually bombarded by the name 'Amanda Vanstone' which certainly cannot be missed from any direction you approach (Don't worry Amanda you'll be a household name in no time, love that song!!). The signs in question were advertising the creation of thousands of new jobs each month since Work choices. I have no doubt that my new job accounts for one of these stats. Six hours in six months, thankyou Work Choices, where would we workers be without you?

To read the latest on Work Choices in the Guardian click here

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