Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Create jobs in renewable not military industries

The State Committee of the Communist Party of Australia expressed its outrage today that the Rann Government is encouraging the expansion of war industries in the State of South Australia.”

“The recent announcement that Lockheed Martin will expand its workforce by four times in the is only the latest example of a major shift away from peaceful industries to war industries,” says CPA State Secretary Bob Briton.

“What we have here is a State Government that is out of touch with the people. Over 100,000 South Australians hit the streets of Adelaide to oppose the war in Iraq and the vast majority of those people would be very concerned at the propositions being put forward by the Rann Government and Lockheed Martin, one of the beneficiaries of that war,” he said.

“Investment in replacement industries to make up for the loss of manufacturing jobs should be the government’s priority, not investment in an industry that profits from the deaths of innocent civilians around the world,” said Mr Briton.

“Investment needs to be directed towards priorities such as alternative energy sources and other social needs. War industries divert investment away from these urgently needed areas and increase tensions in our region."

“Many South Australians would also be concerned about the potential for a terrorist attack at any U.S naval or military base that might be located in our State,” he said.

“The State Committee of the CPA opposes the development of war industries and the Rann Government’s support for their development in South Australia. Instead, the CPA would welcome a return to social obligation being a priority for a Labor government,” he added.

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