Saturday, July 30, 2011

Curry with Comrades

West Adelaide Branch of the Communist Party held its fourth annual Curry with Comrades at the Royal Park Doghouse Club last Saturday Night. A packed hall heard legendary Green Bans pioneer and environmental activist Jack Mundey speak about his experience in the Communist movement and his desire for unity among the forces struggling for socialism. He stressed that only socialism could save the planet from catastrophe and that the socialism of the future must have a central concern for the environment. He praised the comrades in Adelaide for working in a broad and united way with other elements of the left.

Jack has been addressing numerous gatherings lately as Australia commemorates the 40th anniversary of the application of the first Green Bans by the NSW Branch of the Builders Labourers Federation that preserved so much of the cultural heritage of Sydney and elsewhere. Over the weekend In Adelaide he also participated in an event organised by SA Greens entitled "the Green New Deal".

The Curry Night was also addressed by Cuban Consul General Reinaldo Garcia who proposed a toast to Cuba as it prepared to celebrate one of its national days on July 26 - the anniversary of the unsuccessful assault on the Moncada Barracks in 1953 that sparked a revolutionary upsurge that triumphed in 1959. Rex Munn led another rousing rendition of the Internationale at the close of the function.


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