Monday, March 23, 2009

Media Release: Communist Alliance registered

In recent days, the Australian Electoral Commission approved the application of the newly formed Communist Alliance, a decision which will see communist candidates contesting seats at the next federal election.

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) is the largest of a number of organisations making up the Alliance. CPA (SA) State Secretary, Bob Briton, says the registration of the Alliance gives the Australian people the opportunity to cast a vote for genuinely progressive and working class candidates.

"It's been a number of years since a communist contested a seat in a federal or state election, but with the global economic crisis deepening, we think people are seriously questioning the ability of the major political parties to manage society. The majority of Australian voters want to elect people that represent their interests rather than those of big business and finance,” he said.

"The CPA has a thorough political program which has been democratically developed over many years. It's an advanced program that is based primarily on democratic rights, social justice and sound economic management. Unlike the major political parties, we see the basic needs of working people and families as paramount."

"Among other economically responsible reforms, we are calling for a national super scheme and the nationalisation of the banking sector. We think that these are important first steps in securing the economic livelihoods of all Australians," said Mr. Briton.

"We believe the major crisis we’re presently facing shouldn't be narrowly described as merely a crisis of finance; it is yet another in a long line of crises brought on by an economic system that is being called into serious question by millions of people around the world. We need a government that will protect its citizens from the worst excesses of this flawed system while building a prosperous future for all Australians," said Mr. Briton.

"The Communist Alliance will run candidates in South Australia and around the country. We expect to receive substantial support at the ballot box. The Australian people believe in the idea of a fair go for all and we're the only political organisation with a program that can achieve it," he said.

"The Communist Party of Australia was at the forefront of major democratic rights movements through most of the last century and we intend to play a similar role into the future," he added.

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