Thursday, January 14, 2010

CPA (SA) expresses solidarity with earthquake victims!

The people of Haiti were yesterday hit by a devastating, magnitude 7 earthquake. The enormity of this disaster is becoming clearer all the time, with scenes of destruction emerging from the capital Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas. It is likely that thousands have been killed and many thousands have been left homeless by this disaster. It should be remembered that the people of Haiti have had to endure a number of traumas in recent years, from political upheavals and interference to natural disasters, including the severe Hurricane season of 2008, when 4 Hurricanes hit killing over 800 and causing considerable destruction. The Communist Party of Australia (SA) expresses it's solidarity with the people of Haiti, and it's deep sympathy for the victims of this terrible earthquake. We would encourage people to consider donating to earthquake appeals and organisations such as Red Cross who are heavily involved in aiding the victims.


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