Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bob Briton to run in Port Adelaide by-election

Communist Party state secretary Bob Briton will contest the by-election for the seat of Port Adelaide vacated by former treasurer and local member, Kevin Foley.

Bob lives in the area and stood in the seat of Lee during last year’s state election with a campaign that attracted considerable interest. The CPA’s campaign theme this time is “Respect the Port – its people, its history, its environment.”

“The people of the Port area have suffered for too long from neglect by Labor and Liberal state governments. Air, soil, noise and water pollution are big challenges for the community and they’re set to get worse as uranium and other exports out of the Port increase in the next few years."

“We’ve been treated like a dumping ground for too long. We need strong representation on these urgent issues."

“The Port needs alternative employment. Military industries are not the answer. They pose a threat to the security of our region and, ultimately, are not in our defence interests. They are viewed by our neighbours as part of a growing aggressiveness on the part of the US in the Asia-Pacific."

“We certainly don’t want our best and brightest high school students funneled into jobs designing weapons. We need them to work on sustainable energy and infrastructure and other fulfilling jobs in the interests of their communities."

“The redevelopment of the Port needs to show respect for the local people and the area’s working class and Aboriginal history. The efforts so far have not been successful because they demonstrated this lack of respect."

“I look forward to the campaign for the seat of Port Adelaide and the opportunity to highlight the needs of residents of the area."

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Blogger CommunistWarrior1917 said...

It's great to see a revolutionary running in an election in Australia. Elections can offer an important means to preach the good word of socialism.

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